Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Up In Flames

To me the world was at my feet
Living life is all about fleets and feasts
Nothing could take me away from my birth
Rolling on opulence mat I met on my path
Several huts facing the southern seas
Countless stalls lining the eastern streets

To many I was a prince from fetus
In my mind, all I want to do is take a bus
Why is he so lucky they whisper and mutter?
Is it only me in the clan I wonder
Today I rode a stallion to the Nile for fish
Every day they wish a crab for a dish

On my chair nothing sits but gold and pearls
Around me are fierce looking guards like bears
Yet, in town the port rats feed like locust
I guess living amidst plenty comes at a cost
Groans and wailings when the rain drops
However, my barn is full of the farmer’s crops

Futile, Oh futile fate of man!
Spinning with fury but grounded to an halt like a fan
To all death will serve its spleen
Ever wondered why the vaults never lose its green?
Now that the royal and the low rest in the graves
All ego of life in up in flames!!!

                             Omo-Ekun, iIu-Nla

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