Saturday, 12 May 2012

Brain dead

On the chop board of history we glory lay
Expecting to be grilled with rage once again
With the demented bouquet of our collective idiocy
A sweet meal to the hills of the gods we sober serve
Their tables we set in relished ache
Even though their crumbs are out of bounds,
yet the smell of their air makes us chortle

We sit and watch this uproarious pun
A scene where the characters eat our fats
Of our choosiest wine they gulp with impunity
Oh! What a clamorous applause we give!
The second, third and fourth scene wasn’t different
All they do is dance, win, dine and mingle
Even though we see some occasional scuffles
In the evening we watch them eat some waffles

Now the party has started again
I mean under the cloud that rains cowries
Singing the song of victory without a sword sharpened!
Like swarm the stockholders move under the rain
Hoping to harvest some ‘fallings’
All my countrymen could do is take some notes
Wonder if one day they’ll take a test
Under the tree because the school is eroded
A nation flooded with chronic amnesia

                                       Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Like a lightning, your memory of flashes through my mind

Blurring all thoughts that lacks your scent

Just like a hurdle, my heart skips at your voice

Pounding like the bombs on falling on Holms

 This feeling is sweet even without a drop of honey

Like a Berlin wall my defense fell

And all the excuses vanished like vapor

Deep in my mind I know it is well

In your angelic arms I know I had found favour

Even a train will halt to catch a glimpse of your beauty

With you in my hands your love is my duty

Baby your rock my world!

Elvis will sure be jealous of your skills

Sweetie you knock my fears

Tyson will shiver at your moves

What a time of our lives to love and be loved

This had better not be a dream

Baby mi nothing do you!

Wondering where you learnt to love like this

To learn, grow, support and cherish

So it is you have waited for at the station

And like a sniper you stuck my heart

Skillfully from the top of the rock called Aso

And your weapon is simply simplicity

I am stock and am glad am down

I don’t want to recover from this hit

Even with all the medics around like swarms

I will rather recuperate in your bosom

Struck I am and struck I will be!

                                                Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A song for October

Shame, shame, shame and shame

Shame to those who shave our heads and share our herds

Shame to the men who rape our soil and reap our toil

Shame to those gods who suck our oils and prick our boils

Shame to ghosts who cut our pay and eat our hay

Down, down, down and down

Downhill we will throw their caskets and throw their buckets

Downhill will their chalet erode and their chattel corrode

Downhill their face shall look with a sting

Downhill shall be their new abode

Up, up, up and up

Up here we will sing, dance and rejoice

Up in the mountains of a new found land of sanity

Up in the air our inglorious past and leaders will be hung

Up there shall be tell our sons to look and learn

Come, come, come and come

Come together and form a bond for the imminent

Come to an covenant that we will now shine on the continent

Come and shake the hands that fought the squanders

Come into a new nation full of conquerors

                                                         -Omo-ekun, Ilu- Nla

Tears still flow…..

It’s a full year since you called

It’s a full moon once again

It still looks like a dream

Can someone wake me from this torpor?

Yes, you left and am here

Times sooths all pains I thought

Robbing my heart like a balm from china

Maybe I need to look ahead

Peeping into the horizon of uncertainty

By chance I might meet another you next life

Many boring moments I have endured

Even with legion of bodies around

None matches your piousness

Even though you never long for the society

You are a queen worth giving the cathedra

Tear still flow gorgeous

Not because I miss you dearly

My heart aches less dearly

Solely because I lost the box

The chest where I kept my adulation for you.

                             -Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

Finding Nakniyo!

Amidst the clusters of the cosmopolitan planes

The cat growls of thirst for the tang 

Deep beneath the earth crust is the hidden code of pleasure

All over the soul freely flows anxiety

If only this wait can cease tonight!

Now my bait is low and lost

This golden fish seem gone on vacation into the deep

Dreading the worm like a poison 

Like peter am weary of the catch

Even the great one will marvel at my inertia

serveral treasure hunters have scavenged the hills

Penetrating the dreaded groves to have a look

Still, your secret is sealed like the lost arc!

When will this storm cease

The hurricane of despair constantly pounding my heart

With the force sterner than that an atomic bomb

Hiroshima beside my heart is paradise!

Alas! Finally Nakniyo Came

So sudden that I lost my breath

The years of waiting vanished like the dew

Nakniyo was smoother than samurai sword

Quicker than the greyhound at a hunt

Behold the world of Nakniyo was dark!

now how know why my line didn't move

Who says Nakniyo is not whole?

What can match this living edifice?

even though am tired to her like ram fit for slaughter

I will die like a fish and stay out of the water

All because I have found Nakniyo!

                                   Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

Monday, 7 May 2012


Yet again the red light bleeped

Awaking me from the depth of my trance

Has boko-haram struck again I thought

Maybe finally the perpetual injunction has been stabbed

Something somewhere most be sinister from the west

Too bad a state of mind, but what can I do

Like the Titanic my heart went down

Wholly drown in pain as if from the pitch

Yekini is dead I muttered to my brain

Dead is Rashidi he screamed at me!

Isn’t life expectancy 48 for men my brain queried?

Like a fool I sat starring at my mirror

Another sacrifice for the gods of the Niger

Breed for the kill and groomed for the roast

To the heaven our souls were lifted by him in ‘94

To the grave we fastened his carcass before night fell

His striking was like thunder when the gods drink liquor

He has lost him wits and skills we now all chorus

Once again one of the boundless is gone

At 49 we left a striker to be stricken stiff by expiry

Nine was the number but the cat is dead

My childhood hero, I know you are livid

Mad at the gods for leaving you to sink like that

Rest on Great one, rest on Nigeria’s last Super striker

                                                    -Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Chaos by Design!

The sea roars and whimpers with aquatic pleasure
Breaking the boats and drowning the feeble
The oceans are deep but cruel to a fault
Swallowing the earth to its tip
Yet we sail in gold and lust on its glides
We eat its seed and rub its juice!

The wind moves like the cheetahs
Rushing through the street leaving tears and groans
Oh! My roof is gone I hear
Yet we swim thousands of meters into its belly
Without care of fear we hop into the moving cave
And dropping dead to the wait of our lovers!

The west and east wrestle to death
Holding each other at the jugular from Adam
Many have left in the rain
Some have stayed and lived their hell on earth
Still, we buy and sell
We nourish on swords and shields
And our nation booms with blood!

Luciana has suffered many storms
Katrina raped her clean
Yet my prof. sees another chance
To make his storm top the chat
Praying the horror will come
And a chance to Christian the monster
At least he will get the honor!

Amidst life’s confusion I see the stars
Unnamed, untamed and yet unmoved!
He architect of the galaxy most be s freak!
To have created so much confusion for the mortals,
but only if they could perceive this trick….
That chaos is all we need to grow

                                          Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

Let’s work it out

If there is no work to be done,

The moon would have stuck to a point

If there is no need to sail the seven seas,

The Oceans would have lumped like a gum

If there is no need for life,

The “Big Bang” would still be expected like the messiah.

Like the Japanese Legend of “Panku” I hip up my thoughts

All making several big bits of my emotions

Drowning me in continuous flow of lethargy

In the mist of life’s mystification birds still sing with careless but melodious glee… 

Ignoring the rain and annoying the elements

After all life is beautiful!

Who says the West and East cannot go hare hunting?

Who ever thought Gadaffi will apologize to Bush?

Would even Galileo have though about going to the moon?

Napoleon could have been scared to fight in the gulf!

Lo! Life is filled with pleasant surprises

Dear friend, you are pleasantly surprising

Existence is but an opportunity to burnish

A chance to prove that the universe is not big enough

Every minute spent with you is an adventure

Even Jack sparrow will dread my guts!

I will burn each and every calorie to make you smile

Knowing your smile glows like the globe

Am in the gym of time sweating my love out

Squeezing every bit of passion in my system

We can work this out before its dawn and down

Living a dream built and not bought with tears

This can be bright as the stars and soothing like a balm

If only we have our shoes laced tonight!

                                                                                          Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla                     

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hope for Sale

Waited this long days for change

On this personal Robben Island I lay

Waiting for freedom from my weary thoughts

The one which has wrapped me like a mummy

Waiting to be scurried into the mouth of the pyramid

Wished so long for the ray of the horizon

Something new, even if it’s scotching dead

Wishing to be seen to make a move

To roll of over to the other side they say is green and plum

Wishful thinking of a man with a pouch filled with air

Wonder why for once earth can give and not take

It blesses us with days and night to count our days

Wondering if moments captured can be traded for more

This side of the coin is oblivious of the world

Wonderfully furnished are my thoughts about dusk

Will I be able to hold on to my illusions?

The fuel that moves my imaginations

Would it be fair to sum it up and just equate all?

After all, we will have visit Uncle Joe’s Hall down town

Wouldn’t it make sense to put Hope on Auction?

                                                              -Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla 

The Wait

Yesterday I took the long dreaded leap
I saw the white beautiful masquerade suck my blood
With a mischief in her eyes she draws a pint
Searching through my face as if for a clue
Little did I know that I was in for a spin

The day was long and weary
The night was filled with thoughts like a philosopher
Suddenly I realized this could mean an end
The beginning of the end with a date
But could this be true I asked my pillow
Alas it was too late to use a latex

Today the wait will be over by noon
When again the masquerade will have its chance
Gbam! Gbam!! My heart beats like the Konga
In my hands I hold the verdict
Oh I hope the jury considered my innocence
How I wish I knew the Judge
Maybe I might walk home free

Suddenly my knowledge of words and letters failed
As I scrolled down the scroll of death
and the air in my car cold like Moscow
I noticed I was socked in furious sweat
N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E I murmured to myself
Suddenly I felt like I was alive again
Finally the Wait is over!
                           Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla.

You  Won

The battle ground was set for you from the womb
You arrived with a promise of a quick and painful defeat
Surrounded by myths of the dragon and its fire
What a welcome into the arena of needles
Two moons, Three months the gamblers predict
Just waiting to share words of comfort

My friend you fought the war like a stallion
Your courage greater than your stature
Many battles left the gamblers wondering how come?
Like the biblical David you shocked the doubters
Your sword was Jehovah Rahpa
Never scared of going back home to

I was in Wogsalg when I heard you left
With a loud shout I screamed my God!!!
then I remembered your philosophy about life
those you shared as we took journies to  Arawk
So confident in my skills on the tar you say
Now I can hear your confident voice whispering to me again
Ore mi…, I am gone but I won!!!

                                                                          Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

Dedicated to my Buddy who passed on after a battle with Sickle Cell Anemia

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Some moons ago we danced sang and swayed

We wriggled our conscience to be played

Door to door we spread the gospel of vain

All haling the animation that was very plain

Oh what a coupon we had bought in April

Suddenly, after 50 years we will hit the mega lottery

To the wise and broad good luck is an illusion

A mere consolatory song for the delusioned

How suddenly can a wild dog roar in the jungle?

I thought we knew wolves and sheep don’t mingle

On the day we casted the lot I dried on Osborne

With no doubt that we gambled with the unborn

Across the seas I watched for the numbers

Maybe this this I can live the dream of a nation by the rivers

The first number called was tenure elongation

Seven years of tears, sorrow and degradation

Coming along was deregulation

The digit for corruption, waste and emasculation

Now it suddenly hits me like a cassava farmer

Who didn’t plant but expects to eat cassava bread in summer

Personal folly is pardonable without trepidation

National futility is however beyond medication

In less than a year our good luck again has gone fatal

Bad luck then to all who elected to rather flutter

                                              Omo-Ekun, ilu-Nla


This is Lagos                                              

Surrounded with water just like the earth
You lie close to the Atlantic plate
With streams criss-crossing your girdle
What a beauty to behold from the birds
Moving in and out in seasonal rhythm
Even when the heaven weep Lagos never sleep

Around here we see no limits
However the scuffle, the struggle remains on
The spirit of the town is sturdy
Sterile like a well groomed stallion
The thought of the island gives me ripples
The city where I tasted my first apples

In this street foxes are smarter
Hunters roam the corners treacherously
However taut the sheriffs keep vigil
The daylight owes gets there feeding
Here lie a people in endless chase
Every one dreams of a big catch

Huts here are tall and bold
Towering from north to south
This town is not for the dawdling
For me survival here is a calling
The homeward expedition is beaded
Evidence is sprawling illumination of machines
Still the foxes come along to feed
How I wish I have my Dane here

For all a care am in love with the aquatic
Nothing refreshes like salt on my feet
Decades from now the town will swell
Hell knows nothing about the fury of Lagos
Nomads will dump the heard just to see the sea
Now I know why I am arrested by it
The spirit of Las-gidi dwells within

                                                     Omo-ekun, Ilu-Nla

Ode to Papi!

A gentle spirit from sole to crown

A heart Filled with awe and peace

Never finding fault to frown

Heaven knows your gem is scarce

Early in the morning you tune the world

Opening our minds to priceless knowledge

Never holding back from sharing the word

Even though you skipped the college

The erudite will ever marvel at your valor

The years gone by were golden

Teaching me to bait, catch and trap

Riding your first cart was not a burden

Always swimming in fatherly affection till is damp

You never cease to share your harvest

Even the locusts next door swam in your generosity

Living to you was just a feast

Why should we all live in animosity?

You are the world greatest martyr

Ever willing to give up your cheque for our vanities

Still you say it does not really matter

As long as we made it to the varsities

Daddy for all you did I owe so much

Should I buy you a Rolex or a build Duplex?

For all the times you gave up your lunch

Fighting so had to kill our complex

I will call you Captain because you care for your crew

Ma’am is damn lucky to deputy a warrior

Never raising a sword but winning the battles

Always looking good even without a mirror

A little courage of courage from you milk the cattle

Your kind whisper heals our horror

Now that your garden is empty

All the crops have gone spreading

Still you are the one that make life a beauty

And your blessings will ever by unending!

                                                                     Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla