Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tears still flow…..

It’s a full year since you called

It’s a full moon once again

It still looks like a dream

Can someone wake me from this torpor?

Yes, you left and am here

Times sooths all pains I thought

Robbing my heart like a balm from china

Maybe I need to look ahead

Peeping into the horizon of uncertainty

By chance I might meet another you next life

Many boring moments I have endured

Even with legion of bodies around

None matches your piousness

Even though you never long for the society

You are a queen worth giving the cathedra

Tear still flow gorgeous

Not because I miss you dearly

My heart aches less dearly

Solely because I lost the box

The chest where I kept my adulation for you.

                             -Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

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