Thursday, 10 May 2012


Like a lightning, your memory of flashes through my mind

Blurring all thoughts that lacks your scent

Just like a hurdle, my heart skips at your voice

Pounding like the bombs on falling on Holms

 This feeling is sweet even without a drop of honey

Like a Berlin wall my defense fell

And all the excuses vanished like vapor

Deep in my mind I know it is well

In your angelic arms I know I had found favour

Even a train will halt to catch a glimpse of your beauty

With you in my hands your love is my duty

Baby your rock my world!

Elvis will sure be jealous of your skills

Sweetie you knock my fears

Tyson will shiver at your moves

What a time of our lives to love and be loved

This had better not be a dream

Baby mi nothing do you!

Wondering where you learnt to love like this

To learn, grow, support and cherish

So it is you have waited for at the station

And like a sniper you stuck my heart

Skillfully from the top of the rock called Aso

And your weapon is simply simplicity

I am stock and am glad am down

I don’t want to recover from this hit

Even with all the medics around like swarms

I will rather recuperate in your bosom

Struck I am and struck I will be!

                                                Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

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