Saturday, 6 December 2014

14 Years A Sinner

Oh heavens! forgive me for I have sinned
To the sacred crescent I come with my bag of wrongs
I have stolen, cheated and stabbed my 'friends'
I have dug a deep hole in the back of my rivals
For those I love I plundered the ivory treasury
For those I hate I became a knighted by the emir
A worthy compensation for the Ijmag agenda
The desert written script for my hallowed crusade
Oh the sweet gate of al jannah! To thee I match for votes
Visit not on me the sin of fourteen moons away
Hands, feet, mouth and sacred members I have washed
Please make this tinge be gone at once!
Oh the roofs I have to lift for the rain to strike
My heat sinks just thinking of how hard it was for him
Please show me the graves of those gone to rest
For peace their Epitaphs I will re-write in Gold
Shackles surely will fit my wrists walahi
If only they know how much the counsels cost
From high to supreme I dragged our rectitude
Only to be told my appeal will get a better chance with God!
Now my dreams to rein is about to be plundered
Nightmares of the monster called USSA
Shivers from the faces of Aluta I slaughtered
Oh! that heaven will grant me sweet rectitude
Deliverance from 49 sprites that daily torments my peace

                                                      Omo-Ekun, Ilu Nla.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Our Baale is a Learner

Today I did the unusual
I sat waiting to be told on NTA some real stuff
Little did I know I was in for the usual?
Baale never cease to thwart walahi
Once again Baale took the doubters to the cleaners
I am a learner he exclaimed! And so what?

I remember Baale’s coronation
Dancing and wriggling of waists that now lies in waste
Baale’s wife a true spectacle to behold
Her ways with words, even the ancestors wouldn’t dare
Now almost four seasons we still battle with masquerades
But wait, Baale will learn on the job!

Surrounded by many tale tellers Baale declares
No Baale can learn like I do!
So Baale how do we find the missing village pots they asked?
Lets the oracles in the next village help he declares
To Baale, tears and blood should be flow like a river
The second coronation party will not be postponed!

With fear I received the news of the impending visit of the masquerade
But wait, can’t the Baale order the village hunters to town?
Why can’t the palace guards keep the palace jail securely fastened?
It's two weeks and hundreds of precious village pots are still missing?
Why has the Baale’s wife taken up the job of the hunters?
Oh… did I forget…our Baale is a Learner!

                                                                           Omo-Ekun, Ilu Nla!