Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A song for October

Shame, shame, shame and shame

Shame to those who shave our heads and share our herds

Shame to the men who rape our soil and reap our toil

Shame to those gods who suck our oils and prick our boils

Shame to ghosts who cut our pay and eat our hay

Down, down, down and down

Downhill we will throw their caskets and throw their buckets

Downhill will their chalet erode and their chattel corrode

Downhill their face shall look with a sting

Downhill shall be their new abode

Up, up, up and up

Up here we will sing, dance and rejoice

Up in the mountains of a new found land of sanity

Up in the air our inglorious past and leaders will be hung

Up there shall be tell our sons to look and learn

Come, come, come and come

Come together and form a bond for the imminent

Come to an covenant that we will now shine on the continent

Come and shake the hands that fought the squanders

Come into a new nation full of conquerors

                                                         -Omo-ekun, Ilu- Nla

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