Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June 13

How come I don’t get it?
What is this malignant song all about?
I heard the cat was skinned by the rat
So what? Should the world cease to exist?
From Adam, Cain and Abel has been at it
Years of sharing the spoil without a noise
So why should last night lose its poise?
Or the devil has suddenly changed its side?
The headlines and footnotes all seem to care
Of whom they grew and dine with wine
Justice oh, those fairy tales sucker!
Fairness his sister always in between the fights
Yesterday was a reminder of you loss
That huge coffin carried by the ants
Deprived of the crumbs, sugar and water
All the ants need to stay alive and strong
Now the will the dead, 20 years and fresh
Eulogies from around the clan
Even this year the clowns sang a solo
The melodies of skulls filled with rot
Yesterday was a painful prompt
We lost it a long time ago, yes we did drop it!
Now the rats are even more daring
With big bowels and vacant cavities
So the squirrels are now drawn to the game
A nightmare this is sure must be!
Only to roll over and check my clock!
It’s Thursday June 13, 2013!

                            Omo-Ekun- Ilu-Nla

Monday, 10 June 2013

On the March Again!

We are on the march again
Beating the same drums we bought from the queen
The same tunes that was played at our christening
Wait! Something is familiar with this dance
The merry-go-round move that ends with a smash
The falling of the dancers and dropping without a bounce
 Again we start planning for the next trip a day we came home
Fighting for the best seat on the caravan that never seizes to fail
That’s my spot Olu screamed! Segun is driving so what?
Every trip the numbers fall, the coffin at least must be sold
All the supplies gone before the camels rise
Hopes dashed as if it was a game
 1520 is the year of the Gods
The battle between evil and the evil makers
Many said it’s a gentle ride from the start
Now we know the dangers of a quiet peaceful lake
Solemn, silent, snake with sinister venom
Don’t worry about its bite, we will be dancing again!

                                                                                                             Omo-Ekun '13