Tuesday, 1 May 2012

This is Lagos                                              

Surrounded with water just like the earth
You lie close to the Atlantic plate
With streams criss-crossing your girdle
What a beauty to behold from the birds
Moving in and out in seasonal rhythm
Even when the heaven weep Lagos never sleep

Around here we see no limits
However the scuffle, the struggle remains on
The spirit of the town is sturdy
Sterile like a well groomed stallion
The thought of the island gives me ripples
The city where I tasted my first apples

In this street foxes are smarter
Hunters roam the corners treacherously
However taut the sheriffs keep vigil
The daylight owes gets there feeding
Here lie a people in endless chase
Every one dreams of a big catch

Huts here are tall and bold
Towering from north to south
This town is not for the dawdling
For me survival here is a calling
The homeward expedition is beaded
Evidence is sprawling illumination of machines
Still the foxes come along to feed
How I wish I have my Dane here

For all a care am in love with the aquatic
Nothing refreshes like salt on my feet
Decades from now the town will swell
Hell knows nothing about the fury of Lagos
Nomads will dump the heard just to see the sea
Now I know why I am arrested by it
The spirit of Las-gidi dwells within

                                                     Omo-ekun, Ilu-Nla

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