Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Finding Nakniyo!

Amidst the clusters of the cosmopolitan planes

The cat growls of thirst for the tang 

Deep beneath the earth crust is the hidden code of pleasure

All over the soul freely flows anxiety

If only this wait can cease tonight!

Now my bait is low and lost

This golden fish seem gone on vacation into the deep

Dreading the worm like a poison 

Like peter am weary of the catch

Even the great one will marvel at my inertia

serveral treasure hunters have scavenged the hills

Penetrating the dreaded groves to have a look

Still, your secret is sealed like the lost arc!

When will this storm cease

The hurricane of despair constantly pounding my heart

With the force sterner than that an atomic bomb

Hiroshima beside my heart is paradise!

Alas! Finally Nakniyo Came

So sudden that I lost my breath

The years of waiting vanished like the dew

Nakniyo was smoother than samurai sword

Quicker than the greyhound at a hunt

Behold the world of Nakniyo was dark!

now how know why my line didn't move

Who says Nakniyo is not whole?

What can match this living edifice?

even though am tired to her like ram fit for slaughter

I will die like a fish and stay out of the water

All because I have found Nakniyo!

                                   Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

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