Saturday, 5 May 2012

Chaos by Design!

The sea roars and whimpers with aquatic pleasure
Breaking the boats and drowning the feeble
The oceans are deep but cruel to a fault
Swallowing the earth to its tip
Yet we sail in gold and lust on its glides
We eat its seed and rub its juice!

The wind moves like the cheetahs
Rushing through the street leaving tears and groans
Oh! My roof is gone I hear
Yet we swim thousands of meters into its belly
Without care of fear we hop into the moving cave
And dropping dead to the wait of our lovers!

The west and east wrestle to death
Holding each other at the jugular from Adam
Many have left in the rain
Some have stayed and lived their hell on earth
Still, we buy and sell
We nourish on swords and shields
And our nation booms with blood!

Luciana has suffered many storms
Katrina raped her clean
Yet my prof. sees another chance
To make his storm top the chat
Praying the horror will come
And a chance to Christian the monster
At least he will get the honor!

Amidst life’s confusion I see the stars
Unnamed, untamed and yet unmoved!
He architect of the galaxy most be s freak!
To have created so much confusion for the mortals,
but only if they could perceive this trick….
That chaos is all we need to grow

                                          Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

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