Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rumble on the Plateau

Once again we dagger wave
Slashing away the conscience of peace
Sending order to the lions cave
The crest and cross failed to cease
Even with the sheriffs in town

Once again the hell let loose
Filling the wells with flesh of men
Wondering what manner of clash is this
With the walls of tribe lies the revulsion
How drenched have we in our blood

The town crier shouts in pain
Not for the burden of the message
Deep in is back an arrow is fastened
Now his message will be for the gods
All in the name of the saints they kill

This is but absolute madness
Clubbing my neighbor of yesteryears
His son my daughter’s amore
His wife our vicars' mistress
How else can we tame this viper?

Now that the dust is settling
Isn’t it time to call the village meeting?
Isn’t it time to make the dancers settle?
Oh! we mourn, cry and wail
Only to wake up with our machetes
What a waste!

                                     Omo-Ekun-Ilu Nla.

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