Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ode to Papi!

A gentle spirit from sole to crown

A heart Filled with awe and peace

Never finding fault to frown

Heaven knows your gem is scarce

Early in the morning you tune the world

Opening our minds to priceless knowledge

Never holding back from sharing the word

Even though you skipped the college

The erudite will ever marvel at your valor

The years gone by were golden

Teaching me to bait, catch and trap

Riding your first cart was not a burden

Always swimming in fatherly affection till is damp

You never cease to share your harvest

Even the locusts next door swam in your generosity

Living to you was just a feast

Why should we all live in animosity?

You are the world greatest martyr

Ever willing to give up your cheque for our vanities

Still you say it does not really matter

As long as we made it to the varsities

Daddy for all you did I owe so much

Should I buy you a Rolex or a build Duplex?

For all the times you gave up your lunch

Fighting so had to kill our complex

I will call you Captain because you care for your crew

Ma’am is damn lucky to deputy a warrior

Never raising a sword but winning the battles

Always looking good even without a mirror

A little courage of courage from you milk the cattle

Your kind whisper heals our horror

Now that your garden is empty

All the crops have gone spreading

Still you are the one that make life a beauty

And your blessings will ever by unending!

                                                                     Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

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