Saturday, 5 May 2012

Let’s work it out

If there is no work to be done,

The moon would have stuck to a point

If there is no need to sail the seven seas,

The Oceans would have lumped like a gum

If there is no need for life,

The “Big Bang” would still be expected like the messiah.

Like the Japanese Legend of “Panku” I hip up my thoughts

All making several big bits of my emotions

Drowning me in continuous flow of lethargy

In the mist of life’s mystification birds still sing with careless but melodious glee… 

Ignoring the rain and annoying the elements

After all life is beautiful!

Who says the West and East cannot go hare hunting?

Who ever thought Gadaffi will apologize to Bush?

Would even Galileo have though about going to the moon?

Napoleon could have been scared to fight in the gulf!

Lo! Life is filled with pleasant surprises

Dear friend, you are pleasantly surprising

Existence is but an opportunity to burnish

A chance to prove that the universe is not big enough

Every minute spent with you is an adventure

Even Jack sparrow will dread my guts!

I will burn each and every calorie to make you smile

Knowing your smile glows like the globe

Am in the gym of time sweating my love out

Squeezing every bit of passion in my system

We can work this out before its dawn and down

Living a dream built and not bought with tears

This can be bright as the stars and soothing like a balm

If only we have our shoes laced tonight!

                                                                                          Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla                     

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  1. Timely and creatively written.