Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Under the Umbrella

In the rain we have wept for years
Hoping and wishful thinking about shelter
A refuge from hurt, fear and grieve
If only we have a tenth of our own
If only we can fill the boxes with hope
On the match again we chanted in our wet drenched suits

Progress! Progress! Our lungs hurt with expectation
Well, fellow Nigerians and the rest is history
Our rains became hurricane, flooding our hopes away
In chains we all lived our days, at night we only had the stars
Even the poets were not spared, returned to the earth with his pen!
When will we ever going to have our robes dry, when?

Suddenly the Iroko fell! Felled by the forbidden fruits from south of the east
In loud ovation we danced, finally the stallion will make the tenth
that same night, the stallion was put down before dawn
And yet again under the horrendous rain we stood!
The eagles came home, the owl came back
Years in exile had beaten our birds like a whip

99 was the magic number, prison was the place to be for some
Frap! The umbrella went up! Finally we are saved from the cold
Only of we knew what was in that well, sadly,we all drank in ecstasy
14 moons has passed and the umbrella brought more rain than the Amazon
Death, debt and deep damage, rot beyond the deep Dead Sea
Lifelong lack and living less, lonely and low under the Umbrella!