Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tale of Two Fools

Suddenly they realized they have come of age
Now is the time to spill some rage
Two old timers fighting over folly
I am the bigger fool jaduda screamed!
No fool like the hill top fool maradona yelled!

Ever wondered why this world is full of them
Blood sucking herbivorous Generals
Their years filled with tears and graves
I wonder what will be written on their epitaphs
A nation handcuffed by fools

These two fools have done so much for the nation
One a successful farmer selling eggs in Billions
The other lives in a thousand acre Mansion
Building a virile nation I am convinced is a thankless job
To all national fools I raise my glass, may your days be long!

Now that they have decided to feed the journalists
Let’s wait and see who blinks first
Is it the fool that built the longest bridge?
Or the bigger fool that built the biggest dam?
One fool must surely get the price!

                                           Omo-Ekun, Ilu Nla.

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