Saturday, 28 April 2012

Old Carmel of Zimbabwe

This old beast of African Union
Still chewing hey from the ages
With long weak limbs and wrinkles
His pride still hard like pebbles
How far will he take these crackles?

The master fox still kills
Casting his brethren into cages
His hunt dogs bite without remorse
The sight of blood his spirit arouses
The fire of the huts he never quenches

This old cargo of Zimbabwe
After feeding fat from their ancient lactose
Suddenly feels the need to be a farmer
Even the plough knew ill fail
An animal farm the farmers fled like hell

Mikabe still feels he is loved
Praised by those who sniff from power
One day the drunk will be doped in filth
Now that a millions can’t buy a loaf
The world to him has gone so mad

Please Sir don’t think of it
That wazobia should leave the land
The white is nice but black is wise
Eyes closed your Excellency and say this prayer
Gbam! You dumb old Carme!
                                                    -Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla 

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