Saturday, 28 April 2012

For Ken Saro-Wiwa

16 years the tears still flow freely

The blood of the brave still drips like crude

Hearts still heavy, and hands still akimbo

Men still weep and women still wailing

Streets still deserted and soldiers still watching

A life lived and groomed for the slaughter

The struggle still rages in the delta

Shell is still spilling and murdering the fishes

The politicians still playing chess with the blocks

The road to Ogoni still as treacherous as Syria

The Bakassi people are now Nigeria Refugees

Our schools till float from June-June

Now all we have are Militants

Even the politician have started to give amnesty

The NDDC have failed to develop anything

We have political appointments and then disappointments

Shell has agreed to pay compensations in Billions

The son of the soil is now the president

Dear Ken, nothing has changed since you left

Our comrades have gone back to the trades

Only now we are shipped in slavery on our own land

Rise up Ken, let’s match to Abuja

Your struggle, your life and your legacy still lives

For you today I drop my hat, 16 years and it still hurts!

                                                                         -Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

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