Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Drunkard’s Rants

Now that I have finished the race
I need my trophy of at once!
Oh! is that the trophy in the white coffin?
My god! why are so many of them
Some green others brown and others hmm…
Why am I so critical, I think the floor in growing?
What is funny?
See my friends I need my prize
I have practiced for this race all night
In one of the heats bolt even came last
If you don’t believe me ask Kaita!
Hey you! Yes you! why are you staring
If you want an autograph just say so!
You see my people, its challenging being popular
Everyone likes to hold you by the jugulars
Wow! This tomb feels good
But how come no one wants to join me
The smell is cool but it’s kind of sinister
Well I wonder what kind of bath gel is used
Wait a minute where is my driver?
I remember him thinking how frustrated he was
Even his wife made matters worse
Poor guy he hasn’t even seen her thighs in weeks
And tonight she won’t even wink at him
But how come I still have the keys
I am sure he has gone to drink
His favorite is the green bottle with the star!
Hmm, I think I like his style though
But for God’s sake he is still my driver
Gosh! I hate indiscipline
I will chill here until he returns without the keys
Then I will tell him…you are fired!

                                                 Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla

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